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HQ Trivia is an smart game for mobile. This show appeared in 2017, August. Much time has passed since then, and HQ Trivia has become very popular in Internet. Usually the broadcast starts at 17:00 or 21:00.first broadcast is usually has more viewers than second stream in day. The leader is Scott Rogowsky. The stream is translating from New York. The meaning of the game is that you should to correctly answer twelve (or more) questions in a row. But don't worry, you can make a fault one time and use the bonus life. Once you have answered all the questions from HQ Trivia correctly, you will be the winner. If the game has more than 1 winner, then the entire money pool is divided among all winners who answered 12 quaestions . At some time the number of winners is very large, and the gain of each of them is very small, for example, less than 1 dollar. The average gain in HQ is one dolar - $ 5. If more than one person has not reached the end of the game, the winnings are transferred and added to the fund of the next broadcast. Sometimes in HQ, the game is held until the last person, that is, the questions do not stop until 1 person remains. Usually in such games the number of questions is twenty - twenty five pieces. A very small number of mans reach the end. The last remaining player get absolutely the entire fund of the current show, for example, $ 100,000 or even more. Also, in HQ Trivia there are games up to 100 winners. The rules are the same as in the broadcast to the last man, but the difference is that the game stops after the number of people in game is less than or equal to ome hundred. People who play HQ Trivia have come up with many interesting winning methods. We should talk about some of them: 1.Use HQ bot. I think it is obvious to every people that a computer with the Internet will be able to answer for questions much better than a human. Bot can answer the most difficult questions of all. Most of the man that win when use bots, and they do not hide it. Playing in HQ or HQ Words you can use this HQ answers. This bot automatically answers any questions from any game, its accuracy is high. For example, a bot answers questions that lose more than 70% of the mans! This is a very good result. 2. Get ready in advance and use the chance on mistake during the game. It is no secret that it is difficult to correct answer on twelve questions. But the show has a extra life! Using the additional life life makes the game much easier and increases the chances of win in the HQ Trivia. For example, you can easily answer to the first questions, and make a mistake on a hard 10 or 11 and take advantage of life. After that, you can continue the game and try to pick up the winnings. 3. Focus on the translation. You'd be open-eyed how many mistakes people do easy because of inattention. You may not notice the negative (the word "NOT") and choose the wrong answer. It is necessary to read the question very carefully. Remove things that distract you, or ask your relatives not to divert you while playing HQ. A properly read question and its understanding is 50 % the success. 4. Contact the group with other players. You can do a group with other people and answer quiz questions collectively. Most people playing HQ Trivia alone and this is wrong. 1 people may not know the answer for the question, and 10 or even twenty players will know the answer 100 %. Also playing the show with friends is much more fun! You dont even have to gather everyone in one place. You should create an conversation and give answers there. The advantage of online chat is that there can be an unlimited number of players, it's can be 1 thousand or 10 thousands! If you use all the tips from this paper, you will definitely be able to be winner in HQ!

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